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What are you made of?

Capital Dietetics offers InBody body composition scans at our Queanbeyan location!

InBody scans are a useful tool to assist in reaching your health goals.

Our trained Dietitians will guide you through the process in a private room, and discuss your scan results with you.

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Meet the InBody 570

No matter your goals, objectively tracking your progress is a great way to measure your success.

The innovative in-depth analysis of the InBody Test yields accurate results for body composition outputs such as body fat mass, skeletal muscle mass, (segmental) lean body mass, and percent body fat.

InBody is suitable for use by persons aged 3-99, between 95-220cm and 10-250kg

inbody results sheet

Results sheets and Interpretation guides available

The InBody 570 utilises direct segmental measurement bioelectrical impedance analysis (DSM-BIA) to precisely measure body composition by sending multiple electrical currents through the body, resulting in up to six different impedance readings for the trunk and each of the four limbs.

These results are used to provide a range of body composition metrics which are presented in a comprehensive one page report.

full results sheet provided